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6 push for Zambezi West seat

ZAMBEZI district, formerly known as Balovale district is situated about 524 kilometres from the North-Western provincial capital Solwezi.
The district is divided into two distinct parts by the Zambezi River creating two constituencies namely Zambezi East and West.
However, the biggest portion of the district is in west bank which is sparsely populated with little or no significant developments and hard-to-reach areas.
The west bank is vastly flooded for almost six months of the year from January to May while the east bank is more developed and highly populated hosting most Government offices and other social amenities.
Despite the west bank being endowed with vast natural resources like oil, gas and diamonds, very little has been done to fully exploit the mineral resource in area to stimulate economic activities.
The major hindrance to the realisation of the full potential for Zambezi West is inaccessibility due to lack of roads and bridges as most of them have been damaged because of flash floods that are experienced every year.
However, the major activity that sustains people living in the west bank is small-scale farming with CLICK TO READ MORE