6 Kitwe vandals caged

POLICE in Kitwe have arrested six people in connection with the vandalism of Copperbelt Energy Corporation (CEC) and Zesco cables in Parklands and Kwacha townships in two separate incidents.
Copperbelt police commissioner Charity Katanga said in an interview in Kitwe on Monday that the suspected vandals are detained at Riverside Police Station.
Ms Katanga said the first vandalism incident occurred on March 7, near Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) Kitwe studios in which five people allegedly vandalised a 6.9 metres PVC cable.
She named the suspects as Peter Mwape, 27, of Musonda township, James Nkandu, 46, of Zambia township, Newton Nalukui, 38, Nathan Chalwe, 45, and Andrew Chulu, 50, of no fixed abode.
Ms Katanga said all the five suspects involved in vandalising the CEC cable will appear in court soon.
In a related development, another man was arrested in Kwacha township for allegedly vandalising a 6.5 metre Zesco cable worth K4, 800 on March 12 this year.
Ms Katanga said the suspect is in custody and will appear in court soon.
She warned that the law will visit anyone involved in vandalising public property.
“People should understand that vandalism is economic sabotage and it does not matter the length of the cable stolen. If one is convicted, they will go in [jail] for a very long time,” Ms Katanga said.
She said more vandals will be brought to book because police and Zesco have intensified patrols and urged members of the public to report all suspicious people seen vandalising vital cables to the police.

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