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MEMBERS of Urban Circus South Africa performing at The Arena in Lusaka’s Chamba Valley. PICTURE: SHIKANDA KAWANGA

5,000 fans turn up at The Arena

THE circus was in town.
Before the show held at The Arena in Lusaka’s Chamba Valley, the organisers of the MTN Urban Circus, R&G, had promised an exciting show.
“We are excited to host the Urban Circus of South Africa at our newly-opened event facility, The Arena. The last time we hosted the Urban Circus was a huge success and we believe this event will be even more exciting. Everyone who attends can look forward to an awesome time. This is not an event to miss,” R&G events director Ronnel Armengol said.
An estimated 5,000 fans turned up at The Arena where Urban Circus of South Africa, a group of multi-talented people who come together to put on a unique show that re-defines what people largely think is impossible, were the main attraction.