500 more benefit from social funds

THE number of beneficiaries of the social cash transfer in Kitwe district has increased from 800 to 1,300, district commissioner Chanda Kabwe has confirmed.
Mr Kabwe has since called on the Church and non-government organisations to come on board and help Government identify genuine people to benefit from the funds.
“We have just received another K480,000 for distribution to the vulnerable people. Government has also asked us to look for an additional 500 people to benefit from the scheme,” Mr Chanda.
He said people are free to visit his office and the Ministry of Community Development in the district for advice on how they can start up new business with funds they receive under the social cash transfer.
He said some of the beneficiaries have so far invested their money properly and their businesses are doing well.
“This is a pro-poor government, and it is our duty to look after the poor. We would want to see everyone make a contribution to national development,” Mr Chanda said.
The district commissioner said the Government would like to increase the number of beneficiaries to empower more old women, the vulnerable and disabled people.
The social cash transfer programme is a social protection programme initiated by the Zambian government and each beneficiary receives K280 to help them improve their livelihood.

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