Over 480 pupils share two classrooms in Kitwe

OVER 480 pupils at John Kenny Primary School in Limaposa ward in Kitwe’s Wusakile constituency are sharing two classrooms forcing others to sit on the floor during lessons.
This came to light during a media tour conducted by the Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection (JCTR) on Friday.
John Kenny is the only primary school in Limaposa and children from far-flung areas usually walk long distances to access education at the institution.
Others are forced to walk to Kamfinsa ward to access higher education because the area has no secondary school.
John Kenny Primary School head teacher Violet Chibuye said access to quality education is a challenge in the area.
“We have 486 pupils against two classrooms and some of the children in the area are forced to walk long distances to access education in the neighbouring Kamfinsa ward,” Ms Chibuye said.
She said the school also faces challenges in accommodating the teachers who are currently living in one-room houses which are not even suitable for human habitation.
Ms Chibuye said despite the hardships that the teachers face, Government has not been paying them their rural hardship allowance since 2008.
And Mary Phiri, a resident of Limaposa ward, appealed to Government to build more schools and clinics in the area.
Ms Phiri said the area has no clinic and that the nearest health centre is in Kamfinsa constituency, which is too far for one to walk.
“Even expectant mothers usually face challenges in accessing maternal services due to lack of a health centre in our ward. The pregnant mothers usually walk to Kamfinsa to seek health services,” she said.
Ms Phi r i appealed to Government to build a secondary school and health post in the area for the benefit of the people.
The media tour was aimed at exposing journalists to the challenges that the people in rural areas face for them to be informed and report accurately.

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