Local messengers, clerks extorting money from clients

Dear editor,
ALLOW me to express my disappointment at the way the Boma and Kanyama local court messengers and clerks are turning the courts into business.
I am not happy with the way these officers are treating us when we go there.
They charge between K30 and K60 to serve the summons whether the person they are serving it on is near or far.
When given  K15 they refuse to serve the summons saying that it is too little.
When we buy the summons they tell us to make six photocopies and a copy costs K0.50.
And that means we are buying the summon at K5.10 + K3.0 = K8.10 then we buy the summon at K8.10 then K60 for Transport + K8.00=K68.10 That is the total of the summon.
This same amount caters for the following: lunch, airtime and transport, among others.
At the citizenship registration office they don’t ask us to do the photocopies of affidavit forms; then why are these people doing this to us? We are appealing to the government to look into this matter.