42 Chibolya drug dealers nabbed


THE Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) has arrested 42 people in Lusaka’s Chibolya township for allegedly trafficking in various quantities of cannabis.
DEC public relations officer Theresa Katongo said yesterday that the 42 suspects were apprehended on Tuesday after DEC conducted two op‎erations in Chibolya.
Ms Katongo named the suspects as Samson Mawele, 24, a garden boy, for allegedly trafficking in 1.2 kilogrammes of loose cannabis and an 18-year-old boy found in possession of in 804 grammes of loose cannabis.
“The 42 were arrested on Tuesday during the two operations we conducted in Chibolya,” Ms Katongo said.
Others arrested are Memory Sakala, 25, a housewife, and Humphrey Banda, 21, both of Chibolya township.
Ms Katongo said Sakala and Banda have been jointly charged with trafficking in 2.953 kilogrammes of loose cannabis.
She also said the DEC has arrested Timothy Singoyi, 32, of Kanyama township for allegedly trafficking in 450 grammes of loose cannabis.
Other suspects are Kingsley Sisuku, 28, of Kanyama township for allegedly trafficking in 192 grammes of cannabis and Victor Kangali, 21, of the same area for allegedly trafficking in 168 grammes of loose cannabis.
Meanwhile, the DEC in North-Western Province has arrested two people in Kabompo for drug trafficking.
Ms Katongo said Evans Chipango, 25, a peasant farmer of Mandandi area was arrested for allegedly trafficking in 1.7 kilogrammes of cannabis while Hilary Kamboyi, 28, also of the area was arrested for trafficking in 900 grammes of loose cannabis.
“All suspects are in police custody and will appear in court soon,” Ms Katongo said.

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