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Over 4,000 Chipata women to get inputs

OVER 4,000 women in Chipata, who lack access to capital, will benefit from farming inputs for the 2014/15 farming season.
Chipata District Women Development Association programme manager Anedy Soko said 4,052 women in the district will receive inputs and extension services in crop production and animal husbandry.
Ms Soko said in an interview in Chipata on Wednesday that rural women are vulnerable because they do not have finance to start their own businesses.
Ms Soko said the women are expected to sell their produce to the association.
“As an association, we will help the women to also have the market by buying the maize and sunflower from them,” she said.
The association will distribute 16,208 bags of urea and D-compound fertiliser to the women where each recipient is expected to receive four bags.
Ms Soko said empowering women with inputs is not enough, hence the same beneficiaries will also receive pigs, chickens and goats.
This year, the district farmers association constructed a piggery at a cost of K12,000 in Kwenje where women are expected to sell their meat products.
She said the women are enterprising because currently, they are processing cooking oil from groundnuts and sunflower and also producing mealie-meal.

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