4 nabbed over mukula logs

POLICE in Mpulungu have arrested four people of Chinakila village for alleged possession of 433 logs of illegally harvested mukula trees.
Northern Province commissioner of police Charity Katanga said on Saturday that the suspects were arrested on Friday around 17:30 hours.
She named the suspects as Kellys Chisha, 29, Michael Lukanga, 32, Roderick Kabwe, 30, and James Muyemba, 44.
“Upon being interrogated as to where they were taking such a large number of mukula logs, the suspects revealed that they had been engaged in the tree cutting business by a named taxi driver of Kasama, whose name is withheld for now to allow police carry smooth investigations into the matter,” Ms Katanga said.
Police suspect that the four have been illegally harvesting mukula tree and piling the timber for a long time.
Ms Katanga said police have detained the suspects and they will appear in court soon.
She has also appealed to traditional leaders to help police curb illegal logging of mukula trees.

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