3Rd Liberation Movement talks good governance

THE 3rd Liberation Movement (3RLM) is a political party which was registered on June 4, 2014. Since its formation six years ago the party has been propagating messages of economic freedom.
The party’s leader Enock Tonga says Third Liberation Movement was chosen because the party feels this is the third time the country is fighting for better life of all Zambians.
“The first liberation struggle was in 1964 when the then President Dr Kenneth Kaunda fought for independence, the second came with the introduction of a multi-party system with President Frederick Chiluba in 1991 and the third liberation is what we are fighting for,” he says.
Mr Tonga says the party wants to see economic freedom for all Zambians.
“As the Liberation Movement, we want to create an environment where people will be economically free, where everyone is fairly treated and problems advanced by politicians are brought to an end. That is the country we are fight for,” he says.
He says the party is a liberal democratic party and that its aim is to create an environment where people can CLICK TO READ MORE

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