38 houses for displaced Lumbo village families complete

From BENEDICT TEMBO in Kazungula
HEADMAN Milimo and his subjects have every reason to smile day and night: they are hardly a week away from shifting into new houses built for them by the Road Development Agency (RDA).
Headman Milimo of Lumbo village in Chief Sekute’s area is among 38 families who are being displaced by the RDA to pave way for the construction of a one-stop border post in Kazungula district.
“We are happy with this development. It’s like a dream come true. We are looking forward to shifting to the new place. We just hope all other issues pertaining to the project are in place,” he said.
Kazungula bridge project manager Moses Nyawali said the RDA has completed building 38 houses for the households to be displaced from Lumbo village and will be relocated to new Lumbo village.
Apart from each family getting an electrified house, RDA will also compensate them with fruit tree loss allowance, upset and settling allowances.
The families will also have running water.
RDA has also built a 1×5 classroom block and access roads in the new Lumbo village.
The families, who are expected to move into their new houses next Thursday, have been sensitised on maintenance of their new acquisitions as well as the settlement of electricity bills.
The 40 houses, two of which will be given to Kazuli village – the owners of the land where Lumbo villagers will be resettled, cost RDA US$259 million.
The one-stop border post is part of the huge infrastructure projects in Kazungula where a bridge project to be constructed over the Zambezi river is on cards.
The Kazungula Bridge project, which will be the biggest in Africa, will increase accessibility by enhancing the free flow of traffic on the North-South Corridor, specifically between Botswana and Zambia which is currently serviced by a ferry.
It is also expected to lead to increased economic development in the Southern African Development Community (SADC).
RDA has also contracted Gomes Haulage to build a truckyard within the district where a new high school has just been completed while a first level hospital is under construction.

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