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35-year-old man sentenced to 8 years

THE Kabwe High Court has sentenced a 35-year-old man of Kapiri Mposhi, who battered his wife to death last year after he found her drinking beer at a local bar, to eight years with hard labour.
Kabwe High Court Judge Elita Mwikisa slapped the sentence against Josphat Chisenga last Thursday.
The convict was initially charged with murder and later reduced to manslaughter.
Chisenga pleaded guilty to causing the death of his wife, Kiba Chola, on November 25, last year.
Passing judgement, Judge Mwikisa told Chisenga that she considered his mitigation but the offence he committed was very serious.
“Even though you were upset with your wife, you should have been more reasonable with her and talked to her to change her ways. I hope by the time you will come out of prison, you will be a changed person,” Judge Mwikisa told Chisenga.
According to facts, Chola went drinking at a named bar in Kapiri Mposhi in Ndeke township on November 24, last year about 19:00 hours and about 21:00 hours, Chisenga knocked off from work and saw Chola drinking beer at the same bar and he proceeded home and locked the door.
Chola went back home about 22:00 hours and when she knocked on the door, Chisenga who was upset opened the door for her.
The two started exchanging words and Chisenga beat up Chola and she left and slept at a friend’s house.
While there, her health condition got worse and she was rushed to Kapiri Mposhi District Hospital where she later died.
The court heard that Chisenga went into hiding but was later apprehended by some members of his community.
Post-mortem results showed that Ms Chola died of chest pains.
In mitigation, made on his behalf by his lawyer Humphrey Mweemba, Chisenga said he was a breadwinner for his family and he has two children.
Mweemba said Chisenga was a first offender and he readily admitted the charge without wasting the court’s time.
“Chisenga has been in custody from the day he was arrested and he is asking the court to exercise leniency on him. His children, who are now in the care of their grandmother, who is very old, need him,” Mr Mweemba said.
Mr Mweemba said Chisenga has learnt that prison life is not good and he wants to educate people not to make the same mistake that he had made.
Judge Mwikisa, however, said it is sad that life was lost.
She said much as his children need Chisenga, the offence he committed was very serious.

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