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313 men in E/Province report GBV

ABOUT 313 men in Eastern Province complained of gender-based violence (GBV) at the hands of their wives in the past eight months, Young Women Christian Association (YWCA), provincial co-ordinator Dorothy Ndhlovu has said.
Ms Ndhlovu said this signifies an improvement in the number of male victims of GBV seeking support services.
However, there were more female victims, numbering 984 between January and August 31 this year.
In an interview, she said among the common cases complained of, were of wives deserting their husbands and physical abuse.
Ms Ndhlovu said in the past, men were shy to report abusive wives, but this year, there has been a positive response. There were about 150 men who complained of GBV during the same period last year.
“This year, we have recorded the highest number of cases of men suffering abuse at the hands of their abusive wives,” she said.
Ms Ndhlovu said men usually complain against their wives when they are deserted and burdened with the responsibility of looking after children.
She said there are more complaints of domestic violence during the maize marketing season, mainly arising from disputes over proceeds from the sale of crops.
Ms Ndhlovu said the association therefore expects an increase in the number of complainants this period when farmers are selling their crops to the Food Reserve Agency. Women are the major producers of crops, but husbands want to control the income and this is usually the source of disputes.
She said other sources of GBV are common marital disputes between husbands and wives.
Ms Ndhlovu said children usually suffer neglect and abandonment when their parents separate.
She also expressed worry at the rate at which victims of GBV withdrawal cases in preference for counseling of their abusive spouses.
Women, Ms Ndhlovu said, have no courage to get their abusive husbands prosecuted.