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3 parties form alliance

THREE opposition political parties have agreed to field a single presidential candidate in the August 11 general elections under the umbrella of ‘Orange Alliance’.
The three political parties are Democratic Front (DF), National Restoration Party (NAREP) and 4th Revolution (4R).
Patriotic Front (PF) secretary-general Davies Chama said the Orange Alliance does not pose a threat to the ruling party because it is made up of political upstarts who cannot be taken seriously.
Speaking during a joint press briefing by 4R president Eric Chanda and his NAREP and DF counterparts Elias Chipimo and Miles Sampa in Lusaka yesterday, Mr Chanda said the three opposition political parties have resolved to contest the August 11 general elections under the umbrella of the Orange Alliance.
Mr Sampa is the Orange Alliance presidential candidate, Mr Chipimo will serve as chairperson   while Chanda is the general secretary and spokesperson.
He said Orange Alliance is not aimed at fighting an individual but poverty.
Mr Chipimo said the Orange Alliance is the only solution to Zambia’s problems.
Mr Chanda said the Orange Alliance is confident of winning the general elections.
In the 2015 Presidential election, won by Edgar Lungu of the PF with 807,925 votes, Mr Chanda got 8,054 votes while Mr Chipimo had 6,002 votes.
Mr Chama said the Orange Alliance comprises political comedians who just want to entertain the electorate during the general elections.
He said the Orange Alliance is not a threat to the PF because it is bound to fail.
Mr Chama wondered why Mr Sampa was bidding for the PF presidency after the death of President Sata in October 2014 when the DF was registered in June 2014.
United Party for National Development (UPND) deputy spokesperson Edwin Lifwekelo said the Orange Alliance was welcome but advised it against character assassination.
Democratic Assembly (DA) president Maxwell Mwamba said his party will not join the alliance although it, too, uses the orange colour.
Mr Mwamba said in an interview yesterday that alliances have never worked in Zambia.

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