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3 men raped me, woman tells court

CHALI MULENGA, Livingstone
A 26-YEAR-OLD businesswoman of Mambova in Kazungula has told the Livingstone Magistrate’s Court how three men allegedly gang-raped and left her for dead.
In this case, John Mungamba Maambo, 35, and Kayungu Kaosa, 32, are charged with rape.
It is alleged that Maambo and Kaosa on January 1 this year in Kazungula, jointly whilst acting together with another unknown person, had unlawful carnal knowledge of a woman without her consent.
The woman testified before magistrate Andrew Kasongo that she did not enjoy having sex with Maambo and Kaosa because she was forced to do so.
“I left my blue underwear and blue pair of jeans in the hut where the trio raped me and I used a bed sheet to cover up as everything was soiled with blood,” she said.
The woman testified that she never made any arrangements to have sex with the three men because none of them is her boyfriend.
“On the fateful day everything began when Maambo approached me and requested for some beer but I told him that I did not have money but on my way home, the trio waylaid, assaulted and raped me,” she said.
The woman testified that three men allegedly assaulted her, attempted to strangle her while one of her assailants held her down as the other raped her.
She said the trio left her for dead and fled the scene.
The woman testified that she regained consciousness, gathered some strength and staggered home where she narrated her ordeal to her parents.
The court heard that the woman’s parents reported the matter to the police the following day.