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3 men jailed for killing

The Kabwe High Court has sentenced three men of Kapiri Mposhi district to 20 years imprisonment each with hard labour for causing the death of another man.
This is a case in which Humphrey Mayonga, 32, Brian Chongwa, 23, and Stephen Kangwa, 30 appeared before Kabwe High Court judge Elita Mwikisa for judgment.
The three convicts were charged with the murder of Justine Kunda Contrary to Section 200 Chapter 87 of the Laws of Zambia.
The court, however, reduced the charge to manslaughter, an offence which is contrary to section 199 Chapter 87 of the Laws of Zambia.
Ms Justice Mwikisa told Mayonga, Chongwa and Kangwa that the court found them guilty as charged.
“What you did was uncalled for. You beat up this man and left him to die,” Justice Mwikisa said.
Particulars of the offence are that on September 5, last year, Mayonga,  Chongwa, and  Kangwa jointly and whilst acting together caused the death of Justine Kunda.
The court heard that during a drinking spree, the three accused persons started a fight and beat  Kunda causing him head and leg injuries.
Mayonga, the first accused person, hit Kunda with a brick on his head which led to his death.
In mitigation on their behalf, their lawyer Kamo Simfukwe said her clients are remorseful for their actions which led to the death of Kunda.
Ms Simfukwe said Mayonga is a married man with four children in his care and has been in custody from September 10 last year.
Ms Simfukwe said Chongwa is a first offender who is married with two children in his care and regrets his actions.
Ms Simfukwe said Kangwa is a breadwinner with three children in his care who has been in custody from June 28 last year, the day he was arrested.
“The offence you committed is very serious. You beat a man to death and this is very shocking,” Justice Mwikisa said.
She told Mayonga, Chongwa and Kangwa to reflect on their action while in prison.
“Even if this man took something that belongs to you, you had no right to beat him in the manner that you did and taking a brick to hit his head,” Justice Mwikisa said.

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