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29 Tanzanians fined K1,000 each

TWENTY-NINE Tanzanians have been convicted and fined K1,000 each for working in Zambia without authority and committing various immigration offences in Petauke, Eastern Province.

Immigration Department public relations officer Namati Nshinka said in a statement that the Tanzanians were among 42 who were convicted of various immigration offences countrywide between Tuesday and Thursday last week.
Mr Nshinka said facts are that on August 11, 2017, immigration officers while patrolling the Sandwe Game Management area came across 29 persons mining at Chipeku mine and they identified themselves as Tanzanians.
“When asked to produce documentation authorising them to engage in employment in Zambia, they failed to do so and were subsequently arrested and charged with the subject offence. They are yet to pay the court fines,” he said.
Mr Nshinka also said three Malawians in Lundazi and Katete, one Zimbabwean in Chipata, a Tanzanian in Serenje, one Congolese in Kaoma and another Congolese in Ndola, were convicted of unlawful entry.
Mr Nshinka said during the same period, the department also arrested 57 people for various immigration offences countrywide.
He said the department also deported 20 illegal immigrants from the country, among them five Chinese, three Indians, one Nepalese, one Tanzanian and one South African.
These were among 28 suspected illegal immigrants arrested in a clean-up operation carried out on Monday August 21, 2017 in Roma, Nyumba Yanga and University Teaching Hospital (UTH) areas of Lusaka.