26 Malawians nabbed for illegal entry

THE Department of Immigration in Chipata has arrested 26 Malawians for alleged illegal entry into Zambia.
Eastern Province regional immigration officer Moses Chimbala said the suspects were rounded up during an operation in Chipata on Friday.
Mr Chimbala said in an interview yesterday that it is important for foreigners intending to work in Zambia to adhere to the law by obtaining permits.
“I have been receiving reports that people in the region are using Malawians to build their houses and working as labourers in maize fields,” Mr Chimbala said.
He warned Zambians against employing foreigners for cheap labour because they risk being arrested for flouting immigrations laws.
Mr Chimbala said it is illegal for anyone to employee a foreigner without a work permit
He urged citizens to consult the Department of Immigration before employing foreigners.
Mr Chimbala said despite the arrests, Malawians have continued to illegally enter Chipata to seek employment.
“The department of immigration will tighten up security by conducting random checks for illegal immigrants within the province and in particular, Chipata district,” Mr Chimbala said
He also warned foreigners not to take advantage of the porous borders by sneaking into the county without going through immigration formalities.
He said the 26 suspected illegal immigrants will appear in court today.

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