250 plots reserved for Kalulushi residents

KALULUSHI Municipal Council (KMC) says it has reserved 250 alternative residential plots for Chibuluma mine employees who have failed to access land they bought from the mine because of its unsuitable location.
In 2015, Chibuluma mine sub-divided its farm plot in Kalulushi and sold plots to its employees but some of the beneficiaries have not accessed their land because the plots in question are in a curving area.
Kalulushi mayor Rashida Mulenga is disappointed with Chibuluma Mine for allegedly intimidating some of its former employees that went to inquire about the status of their plots.
Ms Mulenga said in an interview on Friday that the local authority has reserved about 250 alternative plots for the affected miners.
“We will look for 250 plots for them wherever land will be available within Kalulushi. We are just waiting for the land audit that is going on to be completed so that we ascertain where there is free land,” Ms Mulenga said.
And Ms Mulenga said it is disappointing that Chibuluma mine is allegedly intimidating former miners by dragging them to the police instead of giving them information regarding the status of the plots that they acquired from the mining firm.
“I am disappointed that instead of giving people an audience when they went to inquire about their land, Chibuluma mine decided to drag them [the former miners] to the police, who slapped them with trespassing charges,” she said.
Three former Chibuluma miners were last week arrested and charged with conduct likely to cause a breach of peace after they went to inquire about the status of the plots they bought from the mining firm in 2015.
The three are Kennedy Siame, Maybin Mwinsa and Clement Mukanema.
The former miners will appear in court on January 12, 2016.

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