21.8km roads rehab completed

Government complex.

GOVERNMENT has completed the rehabilitation of 21.8 kilometres of township roads in Samfya district in Luapula Province at a cost of K78 million.

Samfya district commissioner Nason Bwalya said in an interview that works on township roads were completed last week.
Mr Bwalya said the roads have changed the general outlook of Samfya and will help in opening up the district for investment.
He said people in the area are happy with the works that have been done on the roads and are indebted to the Patriotic Front (PF) administration for the massive development it is undertaking in the district.
“I am glad to announce that we have completed constructing the 21.8km township roads and will soon be commissioned,” he said.
He said Samfya has not been left out of Government’s development agenda.
Mr Bwalya said the township roads were in a dilapidated state and made it difficult for the passage of vehicles.
He said people in Samfya are happy with the commitment the PF government has demonstrated in fulfilling its campaign promises of improving the road network and their lives.

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