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2018 should be year of peace, love

Speak Out on Violence: DORIS KASOTE
THIS week marks the end of 2017. With each year end, reflections are made on whether or not one achieved their resolutions, and as the New Year comes, new resolutions are put in place.

However, as we make our New Year resolutions in place, it is important to remember to resolve to live in a peaceful nation. Ensuring that we live in a peaceful environment starts from individual level to the community and right to the national level.

It is normal to disagree on principle, but it does not need to take one to pick up a stone to throw at a person who they are not in agreement with.
As we enter 2018, let us remember that we only have one Zambia, which we need to guard jealously. No one will do it for us but ourselves.
For instance, political parties can disagree based on their various ideologies but it does not warrant to take the disagreements to another level, which is of violence. Countries end up in civil wars, which emanate from pockets of violence. These pockets of violence end up setting the country on fire and lives are lost.
Coming to the home environment, the same principle should apply. It is not necessary to lift a finger to prove a point to your partner. Wherever there are two people, disagreements are bound to happen.
There are no two people who think alike, so a behaviour that may seem normal to one may be offensive to the other. To resolve these disagreements, there is no need to turn violent against each other to prove a point.
Let us learn to respect each other’s opinions. For those whose tempers are uncontrollable, learn to walk away from arguments that may drive you to do the unthinkable.
I always wonder what pleasure is derived from causing pain on the next person. When it is realised that pain has been caused, an apology will suffice. What does it take away from a person to offer an apology to the one who has been offended?
Some people think the victim of abuse will read between the lines that the abuser is apologetic by the remorseful actions of the abuser. Let us learn to actually speak about our problems and apologise and not act in a remorseful way towards your partner.
All in all, those people who show their anger by being violent are bound to take it outside the home to whoever may offend them in any way.
A person who is not used to exhibiting violent tendencies in the home, will not do so even outside the home but make an effort to resolve differences amicably.
As we enter 2018, let us all have an attitude to play the role of peace-makers. The act starts with you and me.
Until next week, let’s keep in touch.



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