2015/2016 farming season to produce 2.8 million tonnes maize

FARMERS in a maize field.

ZAMBIA is expected to produce 2.8 million metric tonnes of maize in the 2015/2016 farming season against the annual national consumption of 2.5 million metric tonnes.
According to the latest crop forecast survey, the country has about 667,524 metric tonnes of carry-over maize from last year as at May 1, 2016, bringing the available maize stock for the 2016/17 marketing season to 3,540,577 tonnes when added to the 2,873,052 metric tonnes of maize to be produced this year.
Of the 667,524 metric tonnes, the Food Reserve Agency is holding 360,648 metric tonnes, the Grain Traders Association has 207,771 metric tonnes; the Zambia National Farmers’ Union has 36,701 metric tonnes in stock while the small and medium-scale farmers are holding 38,751 metric tonnes.

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