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2015 full of opportunities

TODAY we are saying “goodbye 2014” and “welcome 2015”.
It is the last day of 2014, which has brought us to the door-step of the New Year, 2015.
As they say, a lot of water has passed under the proverbial bridge since January, 2014.
We have all, as individuals and groups, scored some achievements and experienced some failures.
As a nation, we lost our former president, Michael Chilufya Sata, who died on October 28, 2014 in the United Kingdom, where he had gone for medical treatment.
We are still struggling to recover from the loss and chart a new course for our fledgling democracy.
The election fever is already sweeping across the country, with political parties of all shapes and sizes traversing the length and breadth of the country to convince the voters to vote for their respective candidates.
Companies are sitting back to review their performance, and set new benchmarks for 2015.
Churches are auditing how many souls they drew to or away from salvation, and how much mammon they collected from the faithful to support God’s work.
For individual Christians, it’s time to reflect on how their relationship with their Creator has been in the last year, and what kind of relationship they would like to have with Him in the New Year.
In short, December 31 is a watershed between the old and the new.
Each one of us made some false steps and faltered.
At some point, we have tumbled but have since picked ourselves up and are trying to start all over again.
That is life. It always has two sides. It has its bright side as well as the dark one.
What is important, however, as we take stock of our achievements and failures of 2014, is to focus on the positives and use them as fuel to forge ahead.
The positive things that happened in our individual and collective lives should motivate us to focus our eyes on our visions and come up with practical ways of arriving at them.
We should look at the challenges we faced in the last year and turn them into opportunities.
“In every cloud there is a silver lining,” thus says an old adage.
This simply means in every crisis or challenge there is a small window, a chink, of opportunity which only a positive attitude will enable us to see.
Those who faced minor and serious differences in their marriages and other relationships should use this important day for reconciliation.
Each spouse or partner should sift through their partner’s life, bury the bad things and pick out the good ones, then use them to build a new relationship.
Those whose businesses folded up or are on life support should re-track their steps and see where they faltered so that they can make amends.
It is only when you look back and see the steps and stones you stumbled over on your way that you will be able to avoid those that are ahead of you.
Pupils and students who did not do well in school should reflect on what they did or did not do that may have contributed to their dismal performance.
We should not allow the bad things that crossed our path on this journey called life to prevent us from pursuing our dreams.
The year 2015 is coming with a lot of promise, but only to those who will have a positive attitude.
And 2014 will no doubt go down in the annals of Zambia’s tortuous but fruitful quest for prosperity and equity.
Bye 2014, welcome 2015.

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