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2 Supreme Court judges told to resign

TWO Supreme Court judges Mumba Malila and Albert Wood have been given a five-day ultimatum to resign for allegedly agreeing to be witnesses in a case former Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Mutembo Nchito is challenging his removal from office.
According to a letter by a concerned citizen, Chanoda Ngwira, dated October 26, 2018, to Judge Malila, it has been contended that the former Attorney General allegedly decided to be Mr Nchito’s witness without getting permission from court.
Mr Ngwira said Judge Malila filed a witness statement in the Constitutional Court in which he allegedly divulged information he got when he was Attorney General without any court’s directive.
“You swore that you would well and truly serve Zambia and would not directly or indirectly reveal or transmit any information or matter as shall be brought under your consideration