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2 men in legal battle for woman

THERE was laughter in the Kanyama Local Court when two men vied for one woman and each tried to prove legal marriage to her.
The matter came up in court following a lawsuit by Carasy Pobola, 45, of Kanyama, who said he wanted his rival, Albert Njobvu, 49, to compensate him for adultery.
But Njovu, on the other hand, told the court that he paid bride price to marry Priscilla Kunda and there was no way Pobola could claim to be her husband.
In his statement, Pobola told the court that he was shocked to find Njovu in his house when he returned from the village in Southern Province, where he had gone for fish business in 2017.
Pobola said he married Priscilla Kunda, 32, in 2011 and CLICK TO READ MORE

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