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2 in court for trespassing

Ndola, Lusaka
A ZAMBEZI Portland Cement (ZPC) operations director has told the Ndola Magistrate’s Court how two businessmen allegedly trespassed into the cement plant by sending an angry instant justice mob of about 200 people. This is in a case Phesto Musonda, 54, a chief executive officer of ZPC, and Jimmy Kalunga, 54, a businessman of Kansenshi Township, are facing two counts of criminal trespass. The court heard that on November 26 and December 1, 2021, Musonda and Kalunga allegedly trespassed in the ZPC company premises without authority. When the case came up before Ndola-based magistrate Brian Simachela, ZPC operations director Daniel Ventrigas told the court that Musonda and Kalunga, on the material dates, allegedly sent some people who were armed with stones and CLICK TO READ MORE