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2 fail to duck jail term

THE Kabwe Magistrate’s Court has sentenced two men to six months in prison for stealing a pink-headed duck valued at K300.
Magistrate Maxwell Shiwanga convicted and sentenced Aaron Chisanga, 40, of an unmarked house in Shamabanse and Musonda Shiopa, 23, of Katonda.
The two stole the bird on March 2, 2017.
Mr Shiwanga said he considered the mitigation of the convicts and was alive to the fact that cases of theft are on the increase in Kabwe.
“The courts are duty-bound to punish offenders to serve as a warning to others and protect the public.
“I sentence you to six months imprisonment with hard labour each with effect from the date of arrest,” Mr Shiwanga said in his judgment.
He said he was satisfied with the evidence against them and their own testimony that they stole Ms Maluti’s pink-headed duck from her home.
Mr Shiwanga said the two had no claim of right to the bird which they took from the complainant’s house.
“The two of you were working together, and under the circumstances, I found that you took the duck without consent,” he said.
He said the court found the duo guilty and convicted them based on the evidence that was before the court.
Chisanga, however, pleaded with the court to exercise leniency on him, saying he will never steal again.
“Next time, I will not pick what I find on the road. I promise that I will never do such a thing in future,” Chisanga pleaded.
Shiopa also pleaded for leniency in mitigation before the magistrate handed down the sentence.