2 Chilanga widows receive houses

HABITAT for Humanity Zambia has donated two houses worth about K100,000 to two widow-headed families in Chilanga’s Mapepe township.
The organisation says it will continue helping Government to provide shelter to the less privileged in society.

Speaking during the handover ceremony on Saturday, Habitat for Humanity Netherlands representative Door Plantenga said the organisation is passionate about improving people’s living standards.

“This is the 12th house we are handing over to 12 different families in Mapepe. We came with love in our hearts to improve people’s lives here in Zambia,” she said.
Ms Plantenga said the purpose of building houses for the poor is to help them focus on other issues other than accommodation.
“We hope that the houses will not be a source of jealousy but unity in the community. It should actually be a source of motivation to the community,” she said.
Ms Plantenga thanked Chilanga district council chairperson Maria Malila for facilitating the construction of the houses.
And Ms Malila commended Habitat for Humanity for the donation and urged non- beneficiaries of the houses not to despair because their time will come.
“I want to thank you for the manner in which you received the visitors from the time they came up to today. Continue with the same attitude of showing respect. Take care of the houses as a way of showing appreciation to the donors, then you will receive more,” Ms Malila told the recipients.
And one of the beneficiaries of the donated houses, Marlon Chisekete, said she could not believe that the house is hers.
“Ever since my husband died, I and my children have been suffering. The house in which he left us is not very stable. Every night was a nightmare because I was always thinking that the house would fall on us,” she said.
Ms Chisekete said the new house has renewed her confidence to face life.


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