2 chiefs sue seeking recognition

TWO Nchelenge chiefs have sued Senior Chief Mununga, Chief Chilumbwe and the Attorney General Likando Kalaluka for allegedly failing to recognise them as traditional leaders of their chiefdoms.
Chief Munkombwe and Chief Kapema, both of the Shila tribe of Luapula Province, have sued senior Chief Mununga as the first defendant, Chief Chilumbwe as the second defendant and the Attorney General as the third defendant.
This is according to a statement of claim filed in the Lusaka High Court.
The plaintiffs argue that they have made several attempts to the Attorney General and his agents seeking recognition as chiefs but nothing has been done about the situation.
“The first defendant purportedly abolished the plaintiff’s chieftaincy and installed Chilumbwe as a new chief, to be known as Chief Chilumbwe, whom he introduced to the people of the plaintiff’s chiefdom as their new chief to rule over them hence fourth and time to come,” the statement reads in part.
The statement further indicates that the people objected to the decision made by the senior chief to dethrone the two chiefs and a meeting was called on May 21 at the provincial permanent secretary’s office.
According to the statement of claim, the meeting resolved that the plaintiffs’ chieftaincy  should not be  interfered with by the  defendants and their agents.
“But contrary to the resolution, the first defendant called the plaintiffs at his palace on May 27 and told them that they were no longer chiefs in their respective chiefdoms and that Chilumbwe, his friend, was the new chief who shall take over the two chiefdoms and told them to return to Matanda area in Mansa, where they hail from,” the plaintiffs say in their statement.
In addition, it is stated that Chief Mununga has been issuing threats to the plaintiffs and their subjects, and asking them to leave their chiefdoms.
The plaintiffs are hence claiming for a declaration that they are the rightful chiefs and that the withdrawal of their authority and their dethroning are illegal, null and void.
“A declaration that the installation of the second defendant as Chief Chilumbwe and renaming of the chiefdoms is illegal,” the statement further reads.
They also want an order  that their respective chieftaincy should be recognised by Government. Furthermore, they want an injunction restraining the first and second defendants or their agents from publishing anything  to the effect that they are no longer chiefs.

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