$1bn fertiliser manufacturing company on cards

A US$1 billion fertiliser manufacturing company will soon be developed to help the country meet its agriculture input requirement.
The project to be undertaken by African Agronomix and Tropical Land Investment Limited in Isoka, Muchinga Province, as well as in Eastern Province will ensure reliable supply of fertiliser as the country prioritises agriculture in its economic diversification programme.
African Agronomix Limited director Andrew Cranswick and Tropical Land Investment chairman and chief executive officer Wina Wina signed the agreement in Lusaka last week.
The two companies' version is to create a world-class fertiliser manufacturing conglomerate in Zambia.
Mr Wina said Zambia's soil is highly deficient in phosphate and phosphorous due to climate change and deforestation.
He said the gross reserve of the mineral deposits for the combined mines is projected at over US$1 billion and will supply Zambia's fertiliser requirement for over 100 years.
"I am happy to partner with African Agronomix Limited to develop the phosphate industry in Zambia," Mr Wina said.
African Agronomix Limited, trading as Fishermen Mining Limited, is a developer of Nkombwe Hill Phosphate deposit situated in Isoka, Northern Province, with an estimated reserve of over 400 million tonnes of the mineral.
The two companies represent the largest phosphate deposit in Zambia.
The two directors believe that sourcing phosphate locally will reduce the price of fertiliser substantially.
The need for fertiliser from surrounding countries in the region will create a ready international market for Zambian phosphate fertiliser.

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