15,000 piglets annually, semen on demand

ZAMBIA Pig Genetics (ZPG) currently produces 15,600 piglets annually and 12,000 sachets of semen to service the piggery industry.
The Chisamba-based farm was established in 2014 and is a joint business venture between Zambian and South African investors.
It is the only specific pathogen Free (SPF) unit in Zambia, meaning it does not have any diseases.
The place is free of microplasm, a bacteria which causes respiratory infections in pigs.
Speaking recently when officers from Prospero Limited visited the farm, breeding unit manager Mbunji Samazaka said organisation has contributed to the growth of piggery farming in Zambia.
Mr Mbunji said the piglets that are produced at the genetics centre are of good quality and have good mothering abilities.
“The breed we sell here at this farm is called TN70.  With this breed, the sow (female pig) can give us 15 piglets at CLICK TO READ MORE

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