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12th Parliament: What went down – Part 4

WITH the country reeling in shock from the COVID-19 pandemic and its offshoots, President Edgar Lungu opened the fifth session of the 12th National Assembly on September 11, 2020, prodding Zambians to navigate through the storm with resilience and innovation.
With his parliamentary address coming at a time when some economic sectors had partially closed and livelihoods were threatened, the President stated that economic recovery was possible if the Zambian people fought back with dedication, resilience and innovation.
Considering the negative effect of the coronavirus pandemic on the economy, the President’s address was aptly themed “Dedication, resilience and innovation: pursuing economic recovery for the Zambia we want.”
He said his Government was given the mandate to reduce poverty and create prosperity for our people. He said they had delivered on that mandate and had continued to deliver.
“We have delivered on infrastructure. We have delivered on social protection. We have delivered in education and CLICK TO READ MORE