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11 dams earmarked for construction countrywide

IN AN effort to ensure the country is water secure, Government is this year constructing 11 dams, Ministry of Water Development, Sanitation and Environmental Protection permanent secretary Edward Chomba has said.
Bishop Chomba said in an interview in Lusaka that the ministry has already done the mapping through a consultant called COWI Engineering Limited in selected areas that can sustain infrastructure and invitations for bidding will be advertised in the local daily papers in a week’s time.
“We are scaling up the construction of dams across the country, including in areas where there is enough rain to ensure sustainable management of the water resource and for food security among the people,” Bishop Chomba said.
In the recent past, Government has been constructing new dams and rehabilitating existing ones, a move Bishop Chomba says is aimed at making sure irrigation is done properly and people can use water for domestic purposes and fish farming.
Bishop Chomba believes the investment in dams is good for the country as it is intended to also increase agriculture production.
He said from the already constructed dams such as Chikowa in Mfuwe and Chibalashi in Mansa, communities are already harvesting water which is expected to last up to the start of the next rainy season of 2017/2018 and this will enhance their livelihoods.

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