1,000 Ngabwe residents get services from mobile hospital

From CHAMBO NG’UNI in Kabwe
OVER 1,000 people in Ngabwe, the newly-created district in Central Province, have for the first time accessed services from a mobile hospital.
The mobile hospital conducted a health outreach programme in Chief Mukubwe’s area from September 1 to September 5, and 1,433 people were screened for various ailments and received treatment
Central Province mobile hospital coordinator Victor Kusweje said in an interview that people who turned up for the health outreach pogramme received general health services, cervical cancer screening, male circumcision, general surgical operations and dental services
He said specialised medical personnel who undertook the health outreach programme for the first time in the new district were members of Federation of Health Institutions.
Dr Kusweje said the medical team comprised of urologists and general surgeons, obstetricians, gynaecologists, orthopedics and physicians.
“This health outreach was part of commemorating medical jubilee celebrations. It was the first time that the mobile hospital was operating in Ngabwe because it was the only district we had not visited in the province,” Dr Kusweje said.
People in Ngabwe were pleased with the presence of the mobile hospital as they accessed quality health services within reach.
“The response from the people seeking health services was overwhelming for obvious reasons. Very few people in the area access affordable quality health services,” Dr Kusweje said.
The mobile hospital also visited Luano district where 1,640 people were screened for various ailments.
Dr Kusweje said since mobile hospitals started operating in the country, a number of people in the province have accessed mobile health services.

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