1.1m Chipata maize bought

FOOD Reserve Agency (FRA) bought a total of over 1.1 million bags of maize valued at K81.1 million in Chipata district.
Chipata district commissioner Kalunga Zulu said FRA has bought 1,158,92 bags valued at K81,122,440 out of the target of 216,000 bags.
Mr Zulu said this recently when he gave a report at the district development coordinating committee meeting.
He said 91,600 50 kilogramme bags of D-compound and 94,090 by 50 kilogramme bags of Urea fertiliser had been distributed for the 2014/2015 farming season as of September 2014.
Mr Zulu said under the Farmer Input Support Programme (FISP) 91,600 by 50 kilogramme bags 53,346x 50kilograme D-compound was a carry-over from the last farming season.
He said the district also received about 12,083 by 10 kilogramme pockets of maize seed out of 45,800 targeted under Kalambo Multipurpose Cooperative.
Mr Zulu said 3,002 out of 45,800 targeted farmers in Chipata district have so far collected their farming inputs.
And Mr Zulu said 16 sub-centres are being implemented under the Food Security Park Programme of the Department Community Development in Chipata.

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