Zambezi River: Protecting its small beginning

VIOLET MENGO, Ikeleng’i  
IT IS almost unbelievable that a river so big that it supports millions of lives across eight countries could have a source as unremarkable and insignificant as a small spring gurgling in a lush forest in Ikeleng’i district in North-Western Province.
But that is the humble beginning of the Zambezi River.
From here, the river courses 3,500km eastwards to the Indian Ocean, but before it reaches its final destination, it forms the Zambezi Basin, an important ecosystem shared by eight countries, and of course the spectacular Victoria Falls.
The site covers approximately 37 hectares of miombo woodland, and was declared a national monument in 1983. It lies within the Zambezi Source National Forest No. P80, which was also declared a national forest in 1984, giving the site double protection.
The area has rich biodiversity, with nearly 200 bird species and mammals, including the rare tree pangolin, long-footed rat, red-tailed monkey, and African palm civet.
The Zambezi River itself was declared a national monument because of its CLICK TO READ MORE

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